Next Generation Leadership

This is a one-day programme for executives looking to thrive in a world of complexity and ambiguity.

It is designed to help enhance your focus, increase resilience and  improve decision-making and creativity to enhance problem solving and productivity.

With many executives facing uncertainty, continual change and high levels of stress, this programme delivers a unique combination of science and contemporary philosophy in a safe, experiential learning environment where you will work with horses living naturally in a free ranging herd.

High functioning horse herds embrace extreme challenges with ease by modelling trust and mutual respect, allowing them to handle conflict and danger efficiently. By observing and working with the herd, you will be able to explore the dynamics of relationships, trust, hierarchy, social structures and true partnership.

Your team will benefit from:

  • Raised self-awareness and how you each act in relation to others
  • Improved relationships and communication
  • Strengthened trust within team environments
  • Greater alignment and enhanced team dynamics
  • Testing or validating key strategic opportunities in a unique environment
  • Improved decision making and resilience
  • Expanded intuitive faculties