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We run a range of one-day workshops for individuals alongside bespoke programmes
for intact teams. These can all be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Equine Facilitated Human Development enables you to develop and improve your personal
skills in a memorable and enjoyable way. Using a combination of practical exercises,
observation and classroom learning, our workshops will help you master the more fluid,
changing and creative process of leadership.

For more information about any of our workshops

If you are interested in attending one of our workshops, we will be happy to host an
initial consultation call – before you book –  to discuss your objectives and help you
decide which workshop will be most suitable.

Please call Erika Uffindell on 0207 689 3936 or email 


For individuals

These one-day workshops are designed for people wanting to explore
Equine Facilitated Human Development and who are looking to achieve positive and
transformative change in their lives.



The Resourced Executive

Helping you get clarity on your purpose and vision in order for you to make the changes that will make the difference you desire.


Step forward for success

Helping you get clarity on your purpose and vision in order for you to make the changes that will make the difference you desire.



The Rising Leader

A dynamic workshop for rising stars within organisations to enhance their capacity to lead and manage others. 


Next generation leadership

Helping you to enhance your focus, increase resilience and improve decision making to enhance problem solving and productivity.


Goals and motivation

Helping you understand your motivations and define your goals in order to activate your chosen path to success. 


Authentic relationships and communication

Helping you challenge the internal scripts and beliefs that can be limiting, preventing authentic relationships and meaningful communication.

For teams

We focus on developing each individual’s leadership style and on clarifying your team’s vision,
communication skills and overall alignment. Specific themes directly relevant to your group can
be custom designed into these two to three day programmes.


Purpose Led

For teams looking to achieve greater clarity on the direction and purpose of the organisation, enabling individuals to attune, align and understand purpose-led leadership. 


Relationships and communication

Strengthen your team’s influencing, listening and feedback skills, learning how to manage conflict and build trust.


Authentic Leadership

For executives looking to enhance their leadership skills, systems thinking and understand what it means to be an authentic leader. 


Goals and motivation

Helping teams understand the relationship between goals and motivation, explore the qualities of each and achieve greater alignment for long-term success.


Creativity and innovation

For teams looking to raise their game and understand the role creativity can play in real innovation.



Exercising judgement

For executives looking to embody the ethos of ‘right thought, right action’ and develop an integrated approach to making decisions.

Resolving key issues

Workshops for Executives, teams, family businesses and individuals to identify opportunities
and resolve some of the key issues facing them in either their personal or professional lives.


Vision, alignment and strategy

To help you (or your team) set out a future path for a business, a merger or acquisition, or even work through ideas for a start up or spin off.


Career development

Helping you to define your plans, change direction, explore new opportunities or set out on a brand new path in life.


Proposition and product development

For business owners, designers, strategists and planners to test or validate a hypotheses for proposition or product development.

Business systems and structures

Helping you explore and better define organisational structures, improve team dynamics, resolve conflict and manage succession planning.


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