We believe that Emotional Intelligence is profoundly relevant in order to thrive in all aspects of life. Through our work, we seek to re-examine conditioned patterns of behaviour and encourage people to move towards an authentic, fulfilled and purposeful existence.


Sun Tui

Sun Tui is CEO of IFEAL Qualifications, the accredited vocational training company of Equine Facilitated Human Development (EFHD) that she founded in 2007, as well as director  a robust research programme for IFEAL Method, that sit at the heart of all Inspired Change programmes.

Sun has a busy psychological consultancy practice working along side other mental health practitioners, equine trainers, change and OD consultants.

She is part time lecturer at ICS Post Graduate training in PTSD and Traumatology.  She is an Advanced POH Epona Quest Instructor and Relational Horsemanship riding Instructor, with a diploma in Applied Equine Behaviour. Additional training includes NLP executive leadership coaching, Pinea3 OES for OD and Emotional Behaviours at Work (EBW). She is also trained in Animal and Equine Healing and is a Daoist  Martial Artist.

Sun Tui also founded the Charity, Dare to Live Trust in 2011, which  offers IFEAL EFHD Method programmes to support those suffering the effects of trauma, especially military veterans, their families and violent young offenders. 


Erika Uffindell

Erika is a Director of the Global Centre for Conscious Leadership, Founding Wisdom and Pinea3 Living Organisations. She works with Executives and senior teams to help enhance their organization’s capacity for growth and prosperity. She is passionate about helping them build healthy and high-performing businesses, encouraging greater levels of emotional intelligence within their organization.

Erika balances cognitive and experiential practices, working with people to identify organisational and personal blocks, expand their self-awareness, strengthen their relationship and communication skills, embrace systemic thinking and adopting conscious business principles. 

Erika is a Faculty member member of IFEAL Qualifications and has certifications in Equine Facilitated Human Development, Executive Coaching, Systemic and Somatic Coaching and Organisation Constellations. She is a certified practitioner of Yoga and Mindfulness practice. She is also trained in a number of psychometric tools including; EBW and SQ21.  



Irina Dolmatova-Eggers

Irina is a specialist in organizational transformation working with major international companies for over 14 years.

She understands how executive leaders and teams (along-side technology and business-processes) influence companies’ environment, employees’ performance and as a result - organisational success as a whole. Today in her work she focuses on personal development and well-being as a core to creating and realizing opportunities in today’s fast- paced environments and sustaining the change required.

Irina is also founder of SYL-A www.syl-a.ruwhich helps individuals and organisations to develop their leadership capabilities to maintain resilience and sustainable growth. She has completed a number of consulting projects in the field of project and programme management mostly for industrial businesses and was also responsible for implementing several complex organizational transformations for GlaxoSmithKline and GroupM (WPP) in Russia and CIS.

Irina has certifications in Equine Facilitated Human Development, IFEAL and Project Management Professional, PMI (USA). She is a pioneer of the IFEEL method in Russia and is passionate about broadening awareness and application of the IFEEL method in Russia and Germany.