Why work with horses?

Horses are powerful educators. They offer a unique, experiential
way to learn with outcomes that easily translate into your workplace
or day-to-day life.

Modern leadership is a paradox, where complex issues often produce conflicting answers.
It requires a deeper intelligence and an ability to hold multiple perspectives; solving problems
by building trusted relationships, thinking creatively ....

High functioning herds can overcome any number of challenges by displaying conviction and
demonstrating trust and mutual respect in order to handle conflict and danger effectively. 
Today's leaders need to embody these same traits and have the capacity to respond
responsibly to multiple challenges in a dynamic, ever-changing world.

Observing and working with horses offers you an unrivalled opportunity to get perspective;
to learn how to become fully present, develop fundamental relational skills and apply
new insights. You will increase your resilience, improve your decision-making and creativity
to solve problems and increase productivity.



Horses are masters of non-verbal communication and will only be inspired to follow
when you are authentic, clear about your goals and willing to negotiate.  Their feedback is instant: 
real time responses that are honest and non-judgemental but that reflect how you are
seen in your life and work.

The depth and richness of this approach leads to a sense of implicit knowing, creativity,
connection, insight, openness and happiness.


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