To prevail in the 21st century, your organization needs leaders who can execute, innovate, collaborate and initiate effective change

The Resourced Executive

Our Resourced Executive Workshops brings together the key skills and approaches needed for Executives to thrive in a volatile, high pressured and uncertain world.

The workshops focus on ensuring Executives build greater resilience and capability through:

  • Building strong, authentic relationships - understanding and setting, healthy boundaries
  • Enhancing agility at a personal and team level – recognising the need for agility and what it means for innovation in the workplace
  • Working with full capacity – introducing the concept of integrating the three intelligence centres  
  • Managing stress - better overcome challenges and set backs and effectively manage work life pressures
  • Developing effective personal presence and leadership style - inspire others and manage with confidence and conviction
  • Enabling innovation and creativity - embracing diversity of thought and co-create to enable greater creativity
  • Maintaining sound judgement - strengthening intuitive capabilities to enhance wisdom and effective decision making